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Welcome to the List of Sexy Feeds!

This site is an RSS feed aggregator for journals, blogs, and other RSS sources about sex and sexuality. You'll find all kinds of things here, from personal Weblogs about sex to synicated Web-based advice columns about sexual topics.

This site is an experiment of sorts; I'm interested in aggregating a set of high-quality RSS feeds about human sexuality, particularly non-traditional sexuality like polyamory, BDSM, and the like.

As you've probably already figured out, the feeds you'll find here may contain frank descriptions of sex and sexuality, and are intended for a mature audience. is not the originator or creator of the material here; we merely aggregate public RSS feeds on these topics. If you're cool with that, and you want to check out the list of feeds, then please feel free to


If this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, then you might prefer to

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